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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Pay-Per-Click marketing is constantly changing and seems to get more difficult and confusing each day. Google constantly changes their rules, "slapping" their advertisers with quality score changes and escalating costs. Search engines merge, new advertiser interfaces introduced and new software tools constantly coming online promising the latest instant success formula. It's a full time job trying to keep up.

Here's what we do, to make your PPC campaigns come to life.

Uncover highly profitable keywords that are more profitable than mainstream keywords, yet almost completely overlooked by your competition. Implement strategies to ensure that you are paying the lowest costs possible.

Beat Google and Bing (Yahoo & MSN) Quality Score Rules and purchase pay-per-click traffic for a fraction of what your competition pays!

Track which position and bid rates return the greatest ROI. Is it more profitable to pay for the #1 spot, or the #4 spot. Tracking tells the story.

Track which keywords, from which search engines, and which ads generate your leads and sales. It's amazing how many PPC marketers do NOT track their profit/loss at a keyword level. This alone will boost a campaign' s profitability by 50%.

Split test continually. Converting ads are more desirable then non-converting ones. Only by constant Ad-Split testing can you ensure the success of our PPC campaigns.

Split test the your landing page! Always increasing landing page conversions, increases your ROI (Return on Investment). Some website owners don't even have landing pages created for a specific campaign, theme, or keyword. We test everything from headlines, fonts, organization of content, bullets, web design and calls to action to maximize profit.

Take advantage of other search engines besides Google. By utilizing these often overlooked opportunities, you will enjoy cheaper clicks, providing a great ROI.

Track and examine your competition's keyword lists and ads. What keywords are they bidding on, for how long, what position, what are they paying for their desired position, are they split testing ads, and what ads have they had the most success with. Using the latest cutting edge software we can view your competitor's keyword lists & ads and use that knowledge to jump start your campaigns and gain better positions in your niche.

What's holding you back from getting started today? Contact us and let's get your business on the road to success today!